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We have both a design and an engineering department inside our company. Designers, engineers and architects make their creativity and experience available to the client's needs. The staff consists of trained professionals with international background, with extensive esperience in the field of communication, design, interior design, industrial design and planning, in general. Our team works in perfect synergy with the client in every phase of the project.


We offer a vision of the production and installation process, that completes the creative conception and planning phase, thus providing profitable synergies with the client, an added value to the service offered. In our laboratories we can work with any kind of material. We realize special events and fittings all over the world with craftsmanship, boasting human resources boasting human resources trained in a multi-year. There is no type of location that has not been tackled, from the sand of a beach to the snowy summit of a mountain. We have set up floating platforms on water, and made airships fly up in the sky, always open to new professional challenges. 


We deal directly with cargo HANDLING in their logistic spaces, offering support for special and promotional events, That is, the correct management of all activities aimed at ensure the acquisition and handling of materials and products involved in the client's production, which has control over every aspect, for a real turnkey service.

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